Collaborative Spaces
You want your students to create, communicate and collaborate and our Palmieri Furniture allows for flexibility when planning and configuring your Collaborative Spaces with these goals in mind.

Browse a few of our many furniture options below for furnishing an inviting Learning Commons area and for a full line of products, click here

Palmieri Social Media® Collection
Versatile, portable table units. Power-ready benches with storage compartments. Compact media technology centers. This is just the beginning of the Palmieri Social Media® Collection Products SM1 to SM5.

Each piece in the collection is designed to fit any environment, including Collaborative Spaces.

Designed to encourage interactivity
To facilitate collaboration
To stimulate creativity

Whether it is space needed for books or notes, laptops, tablets or other devices, Palmieri Social Media® Collection, with power hubs, offers a range of surfaces that reflect how things get done today.
Click here for downloads of full specifications, finishes, drawings, brochure and gallery

Palmieri Lavoro
Built specifically for Makerspaces!

What IS a makerspace?

A makerspace is an area for collaborative work space. It can be inside a library or school, even in a private or public facility for making, learning, exploring and sharing that uses high tech to no tech tools. Create unique zones of self-directed learning spaces and encourage curiosity, inventions and help imaginations come to life with our Lavoro maker tables.

Click here for downloads of full specifications, finishes, drawings, brochure and gallery

Seating for Collaborative Spaces

We have a wide variety of seating products manufactured with made-to- last finishes! When planning your Collaborative Spaces consider the need for seating. We have benches, chairs, lounge seating, stools, swivel chairs and wood chairs. All our furniture is built to last, so you won’t need to replace.

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