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Book2net Spirit - Walk Up
Patron Use
The book2net Spirit is the very first entry-level, high-resolution book scanner for self-service applications, meeting requirements for high performance and advanced functionality. The Spirit is designed to replace photocopiers in Public, Government and Corporate Libraries. By eliminating the need for paper, toner and maintenance, libraries can reduce their costs. The Spirit can easily be attached to a cost recovery system or coin-op to generate revenue.

Equipped with a new matrix sensor and conservational book cradle, the Spirit provides a successful symbiosis between productivity, quality, ergonomics and conservation requirements.
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Book2net Profi A2
Patron and Production Use
The book2net profi A2 is suitable for use in reading rooms and for professional work in institutions or digitization centers. Equipped with a dual-use technology the book2net profi can be fitted according to customer requirements as a public system with an embedded PC and touchscreen monitor or as a production system with an external PC, proof monitor, mouse, and keyboard.

The dual-use concept of the book2net profi also offers the possibility to switch from the intuitive public software Easy Scan to the production software Easy Scan Professional and vice versa with just one touch of a button.
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Book2net Kiosk II
Production Use
Since its successful launch, the book2net kiosk had a significant impact on the international market and set new standards regarding the expectations of a modern book scanner.

Users appreciate the book2net’s durability and high reliability. In particular, innovative matrix-sensor technology has impressed many users due to the exceptional picture quality and extremely high productivity. book2net kiosk demonstrates its high efficiency not only in the reading room, but also in digitization projects.
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